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3D Laser Metal Sintering System 

Model 3DF150 - (3D Fusion™ 150)

Fonon Additive Manufacturing Technologies encompass 3D FUSION TECHNOLOGY or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Commonly known as Printing) Technologies.

Fonon's 3D FUSION™ or 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Printing) process is an emerging additive NANO Powder Manufacturing Technology with a presence in the medical industry as well as Manufacturing (Mold fabrication and Repair), Defense, aerospace and high technology engineering and electronics sectors. 3D Laser Metal Printing is a layered, digitally driven additive manufacturing process that uses high quality focused laser energy to fuse metal NANO powders into 3D objects.



  • For the best performance Fonon’s systems are optimized for nano powder with a certain specifications. 
  • To ensure consistency Fonon sells a range of nano powders to ensure the best performance of our precision 3D laser sintering process.


Laser Photonics exclusively uses only state of the art techniques, components, and technologies to build its highly reliable and effective laser systems. All parts and components are manufactured in the United States representing the highest in reliablity and quality.


We solely develop all 3D Direct Metal printing systems for specific customer requirements, targeting maximum performance for 3D printing of specialized designs, parts and applications. Our designs allow customers to optimize expensive nano powder consumption, reduce inert gas flow rate, optimize throughput verses surface roughness, minimize powder fill up volume in the process chamber, define optimal laser power requirements, optimize system costs in relation to application (design for the warhead 3D metal sintering system is different from the design of medical contact pads mold forms prototyping, even if they have the similar horizontal cut dimensions).

We bring forth over 100 years of laser equipment design experience into the world of 3D Metal Fusion Technology and Equipment

Combined with our extensive experience of integrating Vision systems into laser equipment, and our 3D engraving capabilities experience with submicron accuracies of non-dimensional Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ equipment together with real size shipbuilding laser cutting machines, positions us as one of the preferred premium suppliers of the revolutionary 3D Metal Fusion Equipment utilizing the Direct Metal Sintering process in “high volume additive manufacturing” or prototyping of the most challenging and sophisticated parts and components in the Industry.


From tooling inserts featuring conformal cooling channels, through to lightweight structures for aerospace and high technology applications, 3D Laser Metal Printing significantly reduces the constraints on designers. This design freedom results in optimized structures and shapes that would otherwise be constrained by conventional processes or the tooling requirements of large volume production. 3D Laser Metal Printing helps to reduce lead times, reduce tooling costs and permits the creation of designs not previously possible.




  • Reduce product development times
  • Reduce mold and tooling costs with dramatic reduction of lead time
  • Puts product on the market in weeks rather than in months
  • Produce products with complex geometries and internal structures
  • Optical or mechanical Z axis capability
  • Double productivity if 3DF150 equipped with one or two Sintering Heads coupled with one or two laser sources. Heads can be configured for independent operation or Master/Slave configuration when one head is precisely following the operation of another.
  • Ideal for aerospace and medical device applications
  • Max. part building area 

    240mm in diameter to accommodate all inscribed shapes and forms into circular (F=240 mm)   build chamber diameter with 250 mm Z’ height
    Build chamber Z’ axis extendable to 350 mm

    Extended Part Building area

    2 Sintering Head Master/ Slave configuration, or 2 heads works independently from each other



    Build rate* 

    5 cm³ - 20 cm³ per hour 

    Printing speed CPS

    400 - 1000

    Printing speed 

    2000 - 3000 mm/s 

    Positioning speed (max.)

    6000-12000 mm/s 

    Layer thickness 

    20 - 100 µm 

    Min Wall Thickness

    150 – 1000 mkm

    NANO powder**

    Aluminum AlSi10Mg, Stainless steel 316L and 17-4PH, Titanium Ti6Al4V, cobalt-chrome (ASTM75), Inconel 718 and 625

Laser Sintering heads options  

  • Single or Dual Head Configuration
  • Optional Dual Head master-slave configuration
  • 2 units of Fiber Lasers configured for Dual head operation
  • 3D package for focal distance alignment without mechanical Z-axis.
  • Master/ Slave configuration or both heads works independently from each other.
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Defense/Military
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
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