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TiTAN Series Laser Cutting System

The newest edition to Laser Photonics’ product line is the Titan Series Fiber Laser Cutting Systems. Being equipped with the highest power, energy efficient fiber lasers on the market; our TiTan series has an advanced direct driven motion controlled platform. The TiTan is not only engineered to be a lighter option in weight, but also this state of the art system offers a unique ultra-low power consumption providing lower operating costs among similar laser machinery. The TiTan is designed to be virtually maintenance free by requiring no optical system alignment, laser service or laser replacement parts, additionally constructed with advanced software-controlled geometry alignment system eliminates any requirement for special installation.

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Technology Behind The TiTAN

Lowest Cost of Operation

The Titan series consumes less than 5% of the power required by a CO2 laser system with the same output wattage.

Placement Accuracy

The Titan’s laser provides the highest possible accuracy and repeatability, resulting in the smallest possible penetration point and the finest edge control.


Users can increase their laser cutting power in increments of 1kW, 2kW, or 4kW, to a maximum of 8kW.

Cleanest Cut in the Industry

The beam produced is highly precise and slim, lower than 0.1 mm. This eliminates the discoloration on either side of the cut caused by conventional laser cutting methods; delivering the lowest Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) available. This is ideal for all highly-reflective metals 1” thick or less. CleanCut technology eliminates burns around corner areas caused by the laser during cutting. This provides a perfect cut and the highest quality edges possible, and is particularly effective on highly-reflective materials including aluminum, copper, bronze and steel.

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System Capabilities & Benefits

-Fully software-controlled mechanical geometry alignment eliminating special requirements for installation

-Latest generation 1064nm fiber laser up to 10,000 watt CW power

-G-code programming for experienced CNC operators

-No optical system alignment, no laser service necessary

-Smallest HAZ (heat-affected zone) in the industry

-Lowest operating cost among all laser types

-Simple installation allows for quick start-up

-Ultra-low power consumption for its class

-No replacement parts on laser necessary

-No beam delivery system maintenance

-Minimum maintenance required

Watch the TiTAN in Action
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Laser Photonics systems are proudly made in the USA.

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