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UID Marking

What method is best for meeting UID requirements?

Laser Photonics solution is capable of producing a DoD, MIL-STD 130 compliant UID 2D mark on a range of materials for a variety of industries.

Unique Identification (UID) is a permanent two-dimensional barcode required for the DoD (Department of Defense) and all its contract work. The UID mark must be applied to all unit acquisitions costing over $5,000, are serial-managed, mission essential, controlled inventory, and/or a consumable item where a permanent mark is necessary. By September 30, 2007 all federal contractors possessing government furnished equipment must have their property marked and assigned item unique identifiers and have them entered into the IUID Registry.

UID marks can be done with ink, chemicals, dot peen or using a laser. Laser marking has become the best method for meeting DoD standards and proves to be the most useful, high quality, safest, and most reliable marking method.

UID tracking can benefit multiple industries by lowering the cost of item management, improving item availability, reducing freight frustration, improving long-term inventory management and strategic purchasing, and achieving a clean audit opinion.

The UID mark can be made with Laser Photonics fiber laser systems on a variety of different materials such as mild steel, aluminum, plastics, and as illustrated in the picture above, on titanium. Contact us to learn more about meeting these requirements and lowering your manufacturing costs!