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Application #193
Process: UID Marking
Material: Aluminum

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Laser Marking - Animal Identification Tags

The future of the livestock industry has headed toward global livestock identification on all types of livestock to help with disease and herd origin tracking. With proper animal ID tags it makes it easier to track and eliminate any potential problems helping improve consumer confidence. Animal identification tags are made out of plastic or metal making them ideal for laser marking to create a permanent, legible mark.

Traditional methods used for marking plastics have been with ink printing to include pad printing, ink jet printing and stamping. These methods are common practice; however, they do present some serious disadvantages such as flexibility and durability of the mark as well as some negative environmental effects.

The most effective approach to marking on plastics is with a fiber laser. Laser Photonics' laser marking systems have performed with consistent precision and quality for  over 10 years. They are ideal for mass production, especially in high throughput lines, offering unmatched flexibility and are safer for the environment. The marking systems are suitable for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Just In Time production, drastically reducing downtime resulting in higher MTBF, 100,000 hours, and also lowering operating and maintenance costs.

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Application #518
Process: Laser Marking
Material: ID Tags

Application #520
Process: Laser Marking
Material: ID Tags

Application #522
Process: Paint Removal
Material: ID Tags

Application #529
Process: Laser Marking
Material: ID Tags

Application #530
Process: Laser Marking
Material: ID Tags

Application #533
Process: Laser Marking
Material: ID Tags

Handheld Laser Marking Hand Held Laser Marking System

The Hand Held Fiber Laser is a safe, state-of-the-art, Direct Parts Marking (DPM) alternative for Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers (Lamp-pumped, Side-pumped Diode, and End-Pumped Diode). Components include a Q-Switched Ytterbium Fiber Laser with Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller, Power Supply, and Marking Software.

Direct Parts Marking, UID Marking, Date Codes, Bar Codes, Time Stamps and all other permanent marks on all non-movable parts and equipment for traceability and Code Compliance purposes.

Laser Marking Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Fiber Tower™ Series is the new generation of Fiber Laser Material Processing Systems for Direct Parts Marking, UID Marking (Unique Identifier), and Deep Engraving. It is the most advanced, compact, industrial grade, mid size, Fiber Laser Engraving Machine available on the market. Fiber Tower™ series employs the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080nm) with a unique combination of high peak power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and highest electro-optical wall-plug efficiency

These laser machines possess a reliability that is unmatched by any other kind of solid state or gas laser systems. Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, ultra-low amplitude noise, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime complete an impressive list of advantages of these modern fiber laser systems.

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