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Application #641
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Graphite

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Laser Engraving Jewelry

Hallmarking Jewellry

In the United States, the word 'hallmark' is synonymous with a greeting card. However, in most countries worldwide the word 'hallmark' has come to mean a mandatory mark of quality on jewelry items. Hallmarking is the official method to determine the jewelry's authenticity in purity and fineness. Testing is done at assaying and hallmarking centers.  This mark, or hallmark, is used to prevent the oldest types of fraud, those of adulteration by the addition of too much alloy, and the similar fraud of selling jewelry under carat.

Laser engraving technology has again proven the most reliable method in fulfilling these demands. Any of Laser Photonics FiberTower™ Series will be able to complete the hallmarking requirements; we will work to accommodate any of your integration needs.

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