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How Speed Can Save You Money

Speed Production, Reduce Inventory Cost, and Stay Competitive

"Time is money". This saying applies now more than ever in today’s technology driven society. In order to stay competitive a company must remain on the cutting edge employing the fastest, most efficient technology on the market. But at what cost? Is it worth it?

The benefits of getting rid of old equipment with high maintenance and upgrading to newer technology have become more and more pronounced. As a manufacturer of fiber and CO2 laser systems for material processing, Laser Photonics strives to provide companies with an affordable solution to staying competitive.

There are many benefits to upgrading from YAG lasers to fiber lasers, or replacing ink or print labels with direct part laser marking, speed being one significant example. Some companies have not embraced how production speed can increase their profits. Here are key points to consider.

  1. Reduce Cost: It can reduce the fix cost of a part because of the ability to make more at one time.
  2. Reduce Inventory Overhead: Inventory can be reduced, because faster and more responsive production allows "just-in-time" manufacturing.
  3. Gain More Market Share: Capture demanding lead time contracts that you would normally have overlooked due to intense requirements.
  4. Anticipate Demand: Anticipating current customer's demands will ensure future orders. Upgrading your systems today lets you get ready in advance tomorrow.
  5. Be a Hero: Being able to produce a sudden order may provide the solution to a customer’s emergency. A steady flow of non-emergency work may result.

Laser Photonics equipment produces the quality at the speed for the right price. Visit laserphotonics.com and find your application and how our products can benefit your bottom line.