Laser Cutting Wood

Laser Cutting Wood Application #667

Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Wood
Industry: Automotive

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Application Details:

Laser cutting of the dashboard inset shapes were done at a low cutting speed to improve edge quality. The sample could be cut at a much faster speed, but at the sacrifice of edge quality. A cycle time as low as 2.5 minutes could be performed. The cutting was done to the ABS substrate and double sided tape, leaving the 3M tape and paper backing intact for application purposes.

Sample Name: Dashboard inset shapes Working Distance: 2mm
Material: ABS substrate + double sided tape + 3M tape + paper Power: 14% (35W) average
Method Used: Laser cutting Frequency: 500Hz modulated
Depth: ABS substrate + double sided tape Speed: 10mm/sec
Laser Type: 250W CW CO2 laser Passes: 1
Focal Length Lens: 3.75'' Cycle Time: ~12min


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Application #665
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Wood

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