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Application #246
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Chrome

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Government Sales

Laser Photonics is pleased to announce our GSA contract on our fiber and CO2 laser systems used for marking, engraving, and cutting. This business- to government contract allows Laser Photonics to work closely with federal, state and local government agencies and to supply laser systems from the GSA Advantage website at the click of a button.


Laser Photonics has GSA Schedule 51V which is the GSA HARDWARE SUPERSTORE This includes Household and Office Appliances; Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants; Hardware Store Catalog and Store Front; Lawn and Garden Equipment, Machinery and Implements; Rental and Leasing (as pertains to products offered under this schedule); Tools, Tool Kits, Tool Boxes; Woodworking and Metal Working Machinery; All Parts and Accessories Related to Products Offered Under This Schedule.



Laser Photonics GSA Data:


CAGE* Code: 46XW2
Business Classification: Small Business (under 500 employees)

GSA Schedule: 51V Hardware Superstore
Contract Number: GS-21F-0041T
Contract Period: 09/20/2007 09/19/2012

Primary NAICS: 339943 Marking Device Manufacturing

SIN - Special Item Numbers: 577-003 Accessories
577-005 Metalworking Machinery & Equipment
616-001 Ancillary Services
*CAGE - Commercial and Government Entity Code. The CAGE Code is a five position code that identifies contractors doing business with the Federal Government

For more information, email, or visit the GSA Advantage website at keywords "Laser Photonics".

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