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Application #641
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Graphite

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Laser Marking with the New Hand Held Laser Engraving System

Handheld Laser Engraving SystemThe new Hand-Held Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving System is a safe, state-of-the-art, low-cost Direct Part Marking (DPM) alternative for Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers (Lamp-pumped, Side-pumped Diode, and End-Pumped Diode). Components include a Q-Switched Fiber Laser with Scan Head, PC with Control Board, Power Supply, and Marking Software.

Standard configurations of the handheld marking systems allow for many different options to meet any production need. This extremely versatile unit can be moved easily for convenient operation from any location and is capable of marking materials ranging in size from miniscule to considerably large equipment that would not fit into traditional marking systems. Additional features include ease of installation allowing for quick start-up and graphical-based programming for a minimal learning curve. Requirements beyond those listed above will be quoted upon request.

Main Features & Applications:

The new Hand-Held Fiber Laser Marking System produces Permanent, Legible, Non-Removable Marks on a variety of materials.

  • Excellent for Military Applications
  • Capable of marking 2D Matrix Codes and Barcodes
  • State-of-the-art, Air Cooled, Ytterbium Q-Switched Fiber Laser up to 2mJ for marking on assorted materials
  • Designed for maintenance-free Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications
  • Excellent beam quality (M2 < 1.05) - TEM00 beam profile
  • Greater than 50,000 hours maintenance-free operation
  • Low voltage power source (110/220 VAC) requirements
  • Red diode pointer for easy set-up
  • Convenient hand-held configuration
  • Equipped with ScanLab scanning head
  • Flexible cable beam delivery system
  • PC with user-friendly software, flat panel monitor, mouse and keyboard

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