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Application #167
Process: UID Marking
Material: Steel

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CO2 Midsize Laser Cutting Systems


SBM1200 M Laser
Cutting and Engraving Machine

The SBM 1200M Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine comes equipped with CO2 laser combining flying optics with a precision Direct Drive motion system. CO2 laser equipped system provides highly accurate cutting, welding, engraving and marking capabilities for multiple materials.




large format laser cutter




SBM2800 Large Format Laser
Pattern Cutting Machine

The SBM 2800 Large Format Laser Pattern Cutting Machine is applicable to the ship and missile building, automotive and aerospace industries. This system has an extra large cutting area of 127.5 x 192 (3048 x 5067 mm).

When equipped with a high power fiber laser, this system can cut real size aluminum (or other aerospace grade) sheet metal components for aircraft and missile skins and deliver high throughput and unmatched accuracy in any area of its giant cutting table.

Cutting real size ship body components became more feasible and cost-effective with our multi-kilowatt fiber lasers.

When equipped with a CO2 laser, this system can cut template paper (flat or rolled 120 wide), Plywood (4 x 8 ft), and cypress board (2 x 24 x 16). Automatic feeding and take-up function for paper rolls is optional.


Application Listing

Application #663
Process: Glass Marking
Material: Glass

Application #367
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Stainless Steel

Application #654
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Tile

Application #657
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Tile

Application #671
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Wood

Application #684
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Rubber

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