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Application #584
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Steel

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SBM T44 | CNC Mid-Size Fiber & CO2 Laser Cutting System


The most advanced world class, industrial grade mid size direct drive cnc industrial fiber or cCO2 laser cutting and engraving system

The SBM T44 is the most advanced multipurpose 3D laser material processing cutting system in the industry configured with either a fiber laser or CO² laser and a wide range of laser wattage options from 50W to 2 kW. Each SBM T44 system is optimized for the highest quality of workmanship and through-put rate based on the unique attributes of each customer application and material. The system supports materials sizes up to 4 feet x 4 feet and with a simple extension table expanding to 4 feet x 8 feet. The SBM T44 continues to set records in processing speeds, edge quality and workmanship standards.

Our customers have repeatedly asked for an affordable alternative to large scale industrial CNC laser-based cutting systems. Fonon is proud to introduce the SBM T44, a world-class industrial-grade G-Code CNC programmable 3D laser sutting system manufactured in the USA at half the cost. The SBM T44 processes the largest range of materials in the industry with special emphasis on processing highly-reflective thin-metals including Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Nickel and Bronze.

Key features include Fonon Technologies' exclusive use of Zero-Friction Direct Drive Motion Systems coupled with “LiteBridge” Technology setting the benchmark standard for rapid access across the entire working surface, unparalleled laser placement accuracies and the industry’s highest accelerated processing speeds. 

Fonon Technologies eliminated the need for additional external mirrors that intrinsically degrade the laser beam's quality and focal point developing an advanced fiber optic delivery cable system that delivers maximum beam control to the cutting lens. There is no other mid-size 3D laser cutting system in the industry that offers the best combination of quality of workmanship, processing speeds and return on investment (ROI). 


Zero-Friction Direct Drive Motion System (DDMS)
Unlike old-school agitating belts, pulleys rack & pinion and ball-screws drive systems, Fonon’s innovative zero-friction DDMS clearly demonstrates the industry highest accelerated processing speeds, razor-sharp laser placement repeatability along with the fastest traverse cutting rates across the entire working surface. 

LiteBridge Technology
With Fonon’s next-generation LiteBridge machinery, positioningspeeds are 4 times faster with “Never-Miss” precision placement automation unmatched in the industry. 

True Orthogonal Mechanization (TOM)
Carefully designed to eliminate system seizers and material misalignment with “Never-Fail” material anti-jamming technology. 

Advanced Fiber Optic Delivery System
Eliminates additional external mirrors that radically degrades the laser beams quality and focal point with a progressive fiber optics delivery system that ensures maximum beam control to the fiber cutting laser with the smallest beam spot providing cutting speeds up to 5 times faster than other lasers. 

BurnFree Technology
Combined with a Laser Synchronized Output, eliminates laser burns around corners confirming a perfect cut and highest quality edges in the industry. 

TurboPiercing Technology
Guarantees the industry’s fastest piercing speeds while eliminating unnecessary crates in the material.

Plasma Shield Technology
Combats plasma generation while transitioning from straight line cuts to corners regulating the acceleration speed while maintaining superior quality and production throughput. 

Native G-Code CNC Programming
Leading-edge PC based CNC closed loop motion control unit designed for native G-code programing. 

Expansion Table
Allows for larger material sheets up to 4’ by 8” 

  • Fiber or CO2 Laser Option
  • Zero-Friction Direct Drive Motion System (DDMS)
  • LiteBridge Technology
  • True Orthogonal Mechanization (TOM)
  • Advanced Fiber Optic Delivery System
  • BurnFree Technology
  • TurboPiercing Technology
  • Plasma Shield Technology
  • Native G-Code CNC Programming
  • Expansion Table
  • Fiber or CO2 Laser Option
  • Automatic Focus: Capacitor Sensor or Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Table Size Options (ft): 4x4, 4x8
  • Remote Terminal Operation
  • Red Aiming Beam for Visual Alignment
  • Auxiliary Touch Screen Interface 
  • Control Terminal with Touch Screen Monitor
  • Water Chiller
  • Additional Lenses: 2.5”, 3.75” and 5”
  • Acrylics
  • Thin Anodized Aluminum
  • Thin Coated & Plated Metals 
  • Wood
  • Films
  • Alloy Metals  
  • Clear and Opaque Plastics   
  • Stainless and Mild Steel
  • and More!

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