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Application #717
Process: 3D Engraving
Material: Acrylic

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Titan Express Fiber Laser Cutting System

Titan Fiber Laser Cutting Technology with a Small Footprint

Laser Photonics Titan Express fiber laser cutting system

The Titan Express, newest member of the Titan Series, will help slice through the challenges of today’s manufacturing and unlock tomorrow’s opportunity. The innovative laser cutting system that gives lean manufacturing the agility and responsiveness never before seen in a size that fits your facility and budget. 

The Titan Express combines the cutting edge in motion engineering, CNC control and fiber laser technologies into a size that is unique to the industry. Titan Express is equipped with a high-power, energy efficient fiber laser and an advanced direct drive motion control platform - making it the best machine for cutting highly reflective materials (including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper). Titan Express has a light weight design and the fastest cutting speed on the market. This system features reduced energy consumption and 1/3 of the operating costs of other laser machines. The Titan Express’ fully software-controlled geometry alignment eliminates the need for special installation requirements. The Titan Express requires no optical system alignment, laser service or laser replacement parts making this system virtually maintenance free.

  • Titan Type of Fiber Laser is 1/3 Operating Cost vs Fiber Laser
  • Most Compact Industrial Grade System in Its Class 7’ x 7’
  • 5x less power consumption than the CO2 laser competition
  • Ideal for cutting Highly Reflective Materials
  • Advanced Motion System - Direct Drive is Unique for this Size
  • Same quality cutting in every spot of a cutting table
  • Cutting Readily Performed by CNC Operator Full G-Code Controls
  • Easy & Safe To Operate
  • Fastest Cutting Speeds
  • Easy Loading & Unloading of Materials
  • Easy Installation and Quick Start Up
  • Low Energy Costs for Green Manufacturing
  • No Laser Maintenance or Training Required
  • Pass through for integration into a production line
  • Increases Throughput from Concept to Production
  • Made and Supported in the USA
  • 1 kW, 1.5 kW or 2 kW Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System
  • Autofocus, Water Cooled Cutting Head
  • Turbo Piercing™ – For Precision and Speed
  • Small kerf width – 200 mkm on 1/8” steel
  • Most Advanced Motion System - Direct Drive is Unique for this Smaller Form Factor
  • Sealed Linear Encoder
  • Magnetically Levitated Linear Drive: Precision Linear Bearings with Built-in Micron Level Magnetic Encoders.
  • Automatic software assists gas selection
  • Native G-Code Programming with Standard CNC Controls
  • 4’ X 4’ Slotted Steel Cutting and Nesting Table
  • Oversized Class 1 Laser Viewing Windows with LED Lights
  • Down draft exhaust for environmentally safe operation
  • Advanced Touch Screen User Interface
  • Aerotech A3200 CNC Controller Software
  • Electric power consumption 6.3 kW
  • Retractable Waste Carts and Trays
  • Replaceable Nesting Table
  • Ethernet Ready
  • Optical Cartridge Option for Expandability and Versatility
  • Vacuum Table for Holding Down Large Flat Materials
  • Quick Release Holding Clamps for Securing Metal Sheets During Cutting
  • Fiber Coupler: Easy replaceable fiber cable in emergency situations
  • Vision Sytem: Camera Allows Accurate Positioning of Material Under Laser Head
  • Exhaust: Extract fumes and debris through this system
  • Diode Pointer for Visual Alignment
  • Water Chiller
  • DI Water Filter
  • Cutting
  • High-speed sheet metal cutting
  • Automotive frames cutting
  • Coated & Plated Metals
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Opaque Plastics
  • Medical devices
  • Laser sintering
  • Silicon cutting
  • Stainless Steel
  • Blank cutting
  • Aircraft Skins
  • Plate cutting
  • Alloy Metals
  • Composites
  • Aluminum
  • Mild Steel
  • Titanium
  • Graphite
  • Copper
  • And More

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