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Application #423
Process: Laser Ablation
Material: Anodized

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Custom Build CO2 Machines

Automatic laser marking system for kitchen cabinets manufacturers logos and bar codes. The stack of wooden parts loaded into the system and they automatically loading into the marking area, and conveyering out of the process chamber outside the system.



Large area custom CO2 Laser marking system. The marking area is 4'x4'. System equipped with direct drive linear motors, 500 Watt CO2 laser, PC based controls with image splicing software.




CO2 glass scribing system with indexing X-axes and fast moving Y-axis.

System is designed to manufacture Microscope slides and Covers at a very high rate. Raw glass is 900 mm x 1200 mm 0.9 mm thick glass. Target product is 1" x 3" Microscope slides and covers with polished right after the laser edges. Cutting speed is 300 to 500 mm/sec.

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