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Application #526
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Aluminum

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The LaserTowerPRO Marking and Engraving System is an industrial-grade cutting-edge material processing system that operates as a stand-alone system or easily integrates into an I/O production line in a small 2ft by 2ft space saving footprint. 

Fonon Corporation’s LaserTowerPRO is a versatile industrial-grade material processing system designed to perform under high-vibration, shock and dust conditions.

Each LaserTowerPRO is optimized per our customer’s unique application.  The LaserTowerPRO is designed with either a Fiber Laser or CO² Laser with wattages ranging from 20W to 100W.  The LaserTower™ Professional provides a 19” by 19” material working space inside the enclosure. All Direct Parts Marking (DPM), including UDI/UID barcodes, logos and engravings are permanent, legible and  non-removable across the largest range of materials. The LaserTower™ Professional incorporates incorporates 

The LaserTowerPRO is an industrial-grade Marking & Engraving System incorporating a programmable  8” Z-axis for focal height adjustments with 2 optical X’Y’ axes and a portfolio of lens options that incrementally increases the range of the marking area from 2” x 2” to 9” x 9”. The LaserTowerPRO is optimized for a Fiber Laser or Fantom SLAB CO² Laser, Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller and Power Supply.

The LaserTowerPRO processes the largest range of mate¬rials in the industry with special attention to highly-reflective metal applications.


The LaserTowerPRO series produce a wide variety of Permanent, Legible,
Non-Removable Marks on a  wide variety of materials. 

 Applications and Types of Marks


ITO or Paint Removal
Backlit Button Marking
Medical/Automotive coding 
IC Chip Package Marking
2D UDI/UID Barcoding
Part Numbering
3D Engraving /
Surface Texturing

  OCR Code Marking
  “On-The-Fly” Marking 
  Alphanumeric marking
  Logos or schematics
  Sequential Serial        
  Lot Codes/
  Date Codes
  Ablation (Anodized,    
  Painted or Coated

 Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel
 Titanium and Nickel
 Copper and Brass
 Painted Metal Alloys
 Chrome and Cast iron
  Wood and Ceramics
  Rubber and Silicon
  Marble and Stone 
  Composites and PVC
  Plastic and Graphite
  Fabrics and Leather
  Acrylic and MDF
  Galvanized Metals
  and more!



Proprietary software is a high performance,  multi-threaded laser marking solution designed to specifically run on Windows 7 operating systems. 


  • Maintenance-Free Direct Part Marking (DPM)
  • Continuous operation under high-shock, vibration and dust conditions
  • Long-term industrial-grade reliability with 50,000 hours MTBF
  • Optimized for either a Fiber or CO² Laser
  • Standard wall plug operation with high electrical efficiency
  • Low voltage power source (110/220 VAC) 8 amps
  • Laser “ON” magnetically locked front door for operator safety
  • 2 ft x 2 ft space saving footprint for tight production line workspaces 
  • Large chamber provides a 19” by 19” material working area
  • 8” Z-Axis Controller to accommodate a wide range of heights 
  • Class 1 or Class 4 Laser-Rated Safety Viewing Port
  • PC-Based Controller, Flat Panel Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard
  • Industrial-grade Extruded Frame with 19” Rack Mount Design
  • Exhaust outlet for Fume Extractor
  • Side Doors for longer parts (optional)
System Specifications  
Laser Equipment  Fiber Laser: LPQ 20-1.0, LPQ 30-1.0, LPQ 50-1.0, 
CO² Laser – Fantom F30, Fantom F100
Mode of operation Q-Switched or CW (Fiber laser); Pulsed or CW (CO² laser)
Programmable Z-Axis 4” or 8” Travel
Maximum Material Weight 120 pounds
System Dimensions See Diagram Representation
Weight 325 pounds
Operating Temperature +18 to +25o C
Relative Humidity 40 – 80% non-condensing
Electrical Requirements 120 volt 8 amps
Clean Dry Air* (If Required and equipped)* 80 PSI


  • Designed to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions
  • Sealed off and RF Excited CO² SLAB laser
  • CW or Pulsed CO² laser options
  • Excellent TEM00 beam quality (M2 < 1.2)
  • Exceptional Reliability with more than 10,000 hours maintenance-free operation 
  • Sealed dust-proof design
  • No need for gas refill during the warranty period
  • Flexible cable-beam delivery system
  • No water cooling required
  • Optimized for Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications including UID/UDI barcoding and engraving
  • Red diode pointer for easy application setup (Optional)
  • Warranty – 2 years on laser components with 5 years optional program
  • ITO or Paint Removal
  • Backlit Button Marking Medical/Automotive Coding
  • IC Chip Package Marking 
  • 2D UDI/UID Barcoding 
  • Part Numbering
  • 3D Engraving/Deep-Engraving
  • Surface Texturing
  • OCR Code Marking  
  • “On-The-Fly” Marking Alphanumeric
  • Marking Logos and Schematics
  • Sequential Serial Numbers 
  • Lot Codes and Date Codes  
  • Ablation (Anodized,Painted or Coated) 

Application Listing

Application #279
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Aluminum

Application #226
Process: UID Marking
Material: Aluminum

Application #415
Process: Laser Annealing
Material: Stainless Steel

Application #518
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Material: ID Tags

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Material: Steel

Application #646
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Graphite

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