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Laser Photonics offers the latest generation of laser systems and OEM laser products for variety of industrial markets and applications. We deliver advanced laser material processing equipment to the defense market, aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, electronic, and agriculture.

Laser Photonics exclusively specializes in advanced, innovative, latest generation laser systems, processes and technologies. In most cases products are protected by Intellectual Property and worldwide patents.

Our systems and OEM products successfully operating in the following industries and markets:



Defense and Security

In the private sector, a variety of government contractors have elected to use lasers and advanced optics to comply with strict government regulations.


Laser Photonics has envisioned this opportunity and successfully introduced and delivered applications compatible with military standards, while continuing to perfect the use of our laser technology for future commercial and defense applications.

  • Small weapon identification, UID, Bar Code, Deep Engraving for such purposes as inventory, traceability, and renewal.
  • Handheld laser permanent marking on all stationary and removable items such as ships, missiles, airplanes, tanks, etc.
  • Real size templates and sheet metal cutting for shipbuilding, missile and aircraft manufacturing.

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Automotive Industry

Direct Parts Marking, UID, Date Codes, Bar Codes, Time Stamps and all other permanent marks on all automotive parts and components for traceability and code compliance purposes.

  • Any DPM Process (Direct Parts Marking) on all automobile parts on any material
  • Selective anti-reflective coating removal on windshields
  • Auto glass component marking (windshield, rear window, side windows)
  • Laser welding for car bodies
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Aerospace Industry

Direct Parts Marking, UID, Date Codes, Bar Codes, Time Stamps and all other permanent marks on all aerospace parts and components for traceability and code compliance purposes.

  • Any DPM Process (Direct Parts Marking) on all aerospace parts on any material 
  • Permanent marking on jet engines parts, igniters, spark plugs, turbines and tools
  • Service and identification marks
  • Folding solar panels and glass components
  • Real size templates and sheet metal cutting

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CO2 Laser Marking Kit

Medical and Pharmaceutical

The focus in quality and performance, driving our products, allows us to penetrate the medical field and deploy consistency and perfection in our applications.

  • Medical Hardware like bone screws, braces, implant marking, traceability and bar-coding.
  • Surgical Tool marking and Identification 
  • DNA test cartridges bar-coding and traceability.
  • Microscope Slide and Cover Slip Manufacturing - ZWLCT™
  • Pill Perforation and Marking
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General Industrial and Electronics

Laser Photonics focuses on compact,  low-to-medium power laser equipment specifically designed for the growing area of laser material processing industry where, cutting, marking, engraving, UID, scribing, and dicing are some of the processes our customers seek.

The ease of integration into existing production lines and our intelligent controls with fully automated interface capability enabled Laser Photonics to become the leading provider of diversified turn-key solutions for the industrial market.

We provide the most extensive list of laser equipment to the industrial segments of:

  • Tool making
  • Ball bearings
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Direct parts marking
  • Prototype processing
  • Textile and leather processing
  • Sign and gift industry
  • Plastic components processing
  • Computer manufacturing
  • Electric components fabrication
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FPD Systems by Fonon DSS

Semiconductor and
Flat Panel Display

These products utilize Fonon's patented Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology® to produce the cleanest break with no material loss.

Fonon Display and Semiconductor Systems (FononDSS) was the first in the world to develop a laser scribing system with simultaneous laser scribe and break capabilities for singulation of Flat Panel Display panels specifically for Generation 6 and 8 glass panels.

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laser marking

Tooling and Sign Making Industries

The Fiber Tower™ Series Q-Switched Fiber Laser Marking Systems are a safe, state-of-the-art, low-cost Direct Part Marking (DPM) alternative to laser marking with Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 Lasers.

Systems including a q-switched fiber laser with scan head, PC based DSP controller, power supply, software, and a laser safety enclosure.

Standard configurations of the FiberTower™ marking systems allow for many different options to meet any production need with laser material cutting, marking, engraving, UID, scribing, dicing, and deep engraving.

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