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Application #650
Process: Glass Marking
Material: Glass

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CO2 Laser - Fantom™ OEM Laser Marking Kit


CO2 30W and 100 OEM laser engraving laser marking laser cutting kits
CO2 30W OEM laser engraving kit lkit30   CO2 100W OEM laser engraving kit lkit100
The LKit30 F30
The Laser OEM Kits are CO2 laser marking and engraving machines for OEM integration or stand alone operation on manufacturing and assembly lines. View Product Video
  The LKit100 F100
The Laser OEM Kits are CO2 laser marking and engraving machines for OEM integration or stand alone operation on manufacturing and assembly lines. View Product Video


Fantom Series Flyer

The Fantom F-30 is a world class CO2 laser marking and laser engraving machine kit for OEM integration and stand alone operation on manufacturing and assembly lines.

The F-30 is one of the smallest CO2 laser marking system available on the market today. Wave  guide resonator provides the smallest available physical dimensions and highest power/weight ratio.

Up to 1000 characters per second writing speed brings F-30 to the level of the fastest marking systems in the industry.

The F30SP is completely sealed and requires no gas connections. It is air cooled and does not require any water lines.

Combination of a low M2 high-quality laser beam and a unique fast rising square wave pulsing characteristics allows smaller focus spot sizes. The F30SP laser can be pulsed at repetition rates of up to 25kHz.

F30 CO2 OEM Laser Marking Machine Flyer
F30 CO2 OEM 30W Laser Marking Machine Brochure
F100 CO2 OEM Laser Marking Machine Flyer
F100 CO2 OEM 100W Laser Marking Machine Brochure


  • IC Chip Package Marking
  • UID - Unique Identifier
  • Direct Parts Marking, Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes
  • Surface Annealing
  • Surface Etching
  • Ablation
  • Surface marking
  • OCR Code Marking (Human and Machine Readable)
  • Common Applications:  Alphanumerics, Logos, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, Lot / Date Codes, Schematics, Complex Graphics, Pictures, and Logos Etching (Material Vaporization),
  • Surface Texturing
  • 2D Symbologies Linear Barcodes
  • Marking "On the Fly”
  • Production Inline Integration
  • Leather cutting for shoe manufacturing

We offer CO2 laser engraving machines from 10 to 300W of average power, up to 900W of peak power, at output wavelengths of 10.6 microns. This unit provides the greatest flexibility to both end users and OEM system integrators. The packages offered are custom tailored to your specific marking and engraving needs.

All introduced models are based on the new generation of folded Wave Guide laser resonators, the most powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Controllers, and the fastest Direct Imaging and Scanning Technologies. A shielding gas to the scanner prevents external dust particles from contaminating the lens and mirrors, a common cause of burning optics in conventional designs. EMF shielding and digital architecture prevents any external noise from affecting the functionality of a scanning head and marking quality, offering an integrated RF power supply.
Each system is delivered with a state of the art Graphical based Marking and Engraving Software and text based architecture which allows for multiple file conversion capabilities.  This helps make the systems operation intuitive and easy for different industrial environments. All Laser systems can be optionally equipped with IIoT support capability for remote diagnostics through the Internet, software upgrade, and advanced troubleshooting. 10, 30, 50 Watt systems are air cooled as the 100 Watt unit is available with an integrated water to water heat exchanger. systems above 100 Watt are equipped with stand alone water chillers or with heat exchangers per customer requirements.
3D OPTION: F100-3D Autofocusing Z Axis and 3D Marking Package
The dynamic focusing units of the Fantom F100 3D Series enable exceptionally precise, high-performance positioning of the laser focus along the optical axis. During the scanning process, a diverging optic in the Fantom F100 is positioned with high dynamics along the optical axis with respect to a stationary focusing optic. This produces a change in the system’s overall focal length, synchronized with the mirror motion. The focusing unit can thereby expand 2D scan systems into 3-axis scan systems. In 2D applications, system can replace costly flat field objectives. In 3D beam deflection systems it enables processing in three dimensions.

Basic OEM Package:

A version ideally suited for OEM integration with value added capabilities

  • Dust proof enclosed Digital Laser Marking Head Assembly with built in RF power amplifier 
  • DC power supply with main switch
  • PC based DSP controller
  • Most advanced Graphical based software package
  • Digital Connecting cables
  • Analog Connecting cables

Performance OEM Package:

A version ideally suited for stand alone operation or OEM integration with a maximum available options included

  • Dust proof enclosed Digital Laser Marking Head Assembly with built in RF power amplifier 
  • DC power supply with main switch
  • PC based DSP controller
  • Most advanced Graphical based software package with safe only secondary license
  • Digital Connecting cables
  • Analog Connecting cables
  • I/O board
  • Optional red aiming beam
  • Optional mechanical shutter
  • 19' rack enclosure for control electronics and DSP controller

Application Listing

Application #664
Process: Glass Marking
Material: Glass

Application #114
Process: Glass Marking
Material: Glass

Application #370
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Glass Fiber

Application #668
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Wood

Application #671
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Wood

Application #710
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Other

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