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Integrated Circuit Chip Marking

iSeries™ Fiber Laser Marking Kit

Laser Photonics provides a state-of-the-art Q-switched Fiber Laser Marking Kit, the iSeries™, for integration into IC chip marking equipment. The Fiber Laser is the laser of the 21st century it has revolutionized the industry by offering maintenance free and low cost operation. The iSeries™ has demonstrated the highest quality permanent mark on most electronic materials using up to 1.0 mJ of laser energy per pulse.
The iSeries™ Fiber Laser Marking Kit is a safe, low cost alternative to conventional Nd: YAG systems to successfully create high speed, high quality marks on any IC Chip. Using our FiberScan C3 ™ graphical-based laser programming software tailored to IC chip marking, users can easily create marks such as graphics, logos, 2D matrices, barcodes, symbols and text in any production environment.
A barcode has been marked
on this IC Chip for tracking
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The iSeries™ features these integrated components:  
  • Dual head configuration for 150 x 300 to 250 x 500 mm coverage
  • Optional Dual Head master-slave configuration
  • Integrated Design with laser, laser control and power supplies in one box for each of the two scan heads
  • Easy ONE cable OEM integration
  • Built-in I/O for integration into a production line or other equipment
  • Modular design for instant replacement of any functional part for minimizing production down time
  • Vision system integration and software support
  • Easy integration into assembly line with or without PC
Laser Photonics can offer world wide support and laser diagnostics through its multi-lingual software system. Contact us for further information and we will be happy to cater to your marking needs.