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UID Compliance Deadline Nears

Laser Photonics Offers Comprehensive

UID Marking Solutions

UID marking solutionsThe deadline set by the Department of Defense for UID (Unique Identifier) compliance is rapidly approaching. All qualified government property, must be marked according to government directives and reported to the IUID Registry by September 30th, 2007. As of the beginning of September, only approximately 5% of government contractors are currently compliant with UID regulations.

Although UID marking and tracking are mandatory requirements for government and defense contractors, international marking requirements have many in the commercial sector opting to stay ahead of the curve by implementing marking and tracking systems. Laser Photonics offers comprehensive marking solutions to assist you in meeting UID requirements. Our systems have the capability to mark 2D matrix data codes that meet the MIL STD 130 requirements on all government deliverables.

Laser Photonics' Fiber Tower™ series is the latest generation of fiber laser material processing systems for direct parts marking, UID, and deep engraving. The systems are the most advanced, compact, industrial grade, mid size, Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving systems available on the market today. Laser Photonics also offers a handheld system for marking large parts that would otherwise be impossible to mark using a small machine. The iSeries OEM marking kit, recently acquired by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, is also an ideal marking solution that can be integrated into existing assembly lines. All of these fiber laser systems can implement permanent, legible and durable marks on plastic, nickel, aluminum, titanium, and steel.

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