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FiberTower™ Marking System

Laser Photonics’ products have the ability to successfully accomplish a variety of applications for a variety of industries. The product lines have a wide range of ability from UID and direct part marking to ITO removal and marking on the fly.

Marking of Animal Identification Tags

The FiberTower™ line of products has proven another successful application in the marking of animal identification tags. With proper animal ID tags it makes it easier to track and eliminate any potential problems helping improve consumer confidence. Animal identification tags are made out of plastic or metal making them ideal for laser marking to create a permanent, legible mark and meeting all National Animal Identification System (NAIS) requirements. The fiber laser is best for marking on plastics and is ideal for mass production, especially in high throughput lines, offering unmatched flexibility and better safety for the environment than traditional ink marking methods. The marking systems are suitable for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Just in Time production, drastically reducing downtime resulting in higher MTBF, (50,000 hours) and also lowering operating and maintenance costs.

FiberTower™ Series

The FiberTower™ line of products can provide a solution to match your facilities needs and meet all your requirements. For a limited period of time Laser Photonics is offering the Little Giant™, part of the FiberTower™ line, with standard features for a great price. Features include a programmable z-axis, a very small footprint, the fastest marking speed at 1000 char/sec, and a Q-switched fiber laser with 0.5mJ @ 20 kHz. This makes the Little Giant™ a perfect buy since the entire system costs as little as what competitors pay for their components!

Laser Photonics has also upgraded the software package in each system to FiberScan C3™. This software provides a low level integrated driver combined with worldwide support and unmatched quality precision. It boasts being the most complete package on the market with text based file format and extremely simple to learn and implement.

If the Little Giant™ is not right for your needs then visit our website to view the whole family of FiberTower™ products and find the one best suited for you, or call us at 407-829-2613 to speak with a member in the sales force.

About Laser Photonics

Laser Photonics manufactures world class laser systems for material processing based exclusively on the state of the art technologies, components and operational software. Our products have a wide range of ability and performance while maintaining an affordable price and unmatched quality in execution, service, and support. Laser Photonics has a product for your needs, whether it is marking, cutting, dicing, engraving, or welding. We also offer various options to help our customers with their applications.  Visit our website to learn more about the Little Giant™ and other products Laser Photonics has to offer.