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Medical Device Marking

Laser Photonics exceeds the high quality and performance expectations of the medical industry utilizing Fiber Laser marking, cutting and engraving technologies. With the high demand for accuracy and precision, these systems are perfect for various applications such as UID (Unique Identification), DPM (Direct Parts Marking), bar codes, 2-D symbols, logos, graphic designs and serial numbers.  These marks can be made on a variety of materials such as: plastics, composites, polymers, aluminum, titanium, ceramics and many others.

Our systems are commonly used for medical device marking and can be automated to mass mark devices as small as millimeters in length such as bone or dental screws.   This virtually eliminates human error and speeds up production dramatically.

Common Medical Applications:

  • Medical Hardware: bone screws, braces, implants marking, scissors, stent
  • Surgical Tool marking and Identification 
  • Bar-coding and traceability
  • DNA test cartridges
  • Microscope Slide and Cover Slip Manufacturing
  • Pill Perforation and Marking 
  • Catheters
  • Joint replacements
  • Many More!







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