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 Automobile Industry Finds New Ways to Prevent Theft

As the price of precious metals skyrocket, catalytic converters in cars and trucks have been targets of theft. The converters are part of the emissions system that helps reduce pollution from the exhaust. The cost of catalytic converters can earn the thief between $15 and $200 depending upon the amount of material inside. Many of the high end SUV vehicles are bringing the most return on these stolen parts. These vehicles are extremely easy to access and the converters are either cut off with a saw or unbolted due to the high ground clearance. These thieves are usually looking for the platinum usedon the inside of these parts. Since platinum prices have gone up substantially, hitting over $2000 an ounce, it is easy to find buyers for these converters.  Catalytic converters in most vehicles contain between three and seven grams of platinum, making it very profitable. Catalytic converters are mandatory in all states and are costing consumers an average of $400 to replace. Automobile manufacturers, who are currently spending over $2 billion a year on platinum, need to find a quick way to track these converters while they are looking for another alternative.

Laser Marking: The Most Logical Fix

Laser marking these catalytic converters seems like the most logical fix for the automotive industry to track their parts. The parts could be given a simple VIN number marking to match the catalytic converter to the car or a bar code that can be scanned and processed into a database. Both of these markings can easily be done at the manufacturing plant for new vehicles or the dealerships for used vehicles. Laser Photonics, in Lake Mary, has a solution for both the manufacturer and the dealership. The I -Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit can be integrated into the existing conveyor lines for the manufacturers, while for the dealerships, the Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System would be the perfect on-site solution for existing automobile owners. Both of these systems use the latest in fiber laser technology for precise, permanent, legible, non-removable marks. You can find more information about both of these systems at laserphotonics.com.


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