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Read the Fine Print when Purchasing Laser Equipment.

It is no secret that manufacturing systems and equipment can be expensive. Laser systems for cutting, marking, welding and deep engraving are no different. Since the cost of this technology is standard across the board, many manufacturers are looking for different ways to increase their ROI and decrease the depreciation on such systems. Laser Photonics in Lake Mary, FL recognizes this issue and has become part of the solution by offering a full line of fiber laser systems and equipment. When compared to conventional CO₂ and nd:Yag laser systems, fiber laser equipment has considerably less maintenance and are making an impact on manufacturers’ bottom line.

One of the biggest benefits that fiber laser systems have are no lamps to replace or mirrors to change or align. The lamps on a conventional CO₂ system are normally replaced about every 1,200 hours. The maintenance on these parts is a costly expense and naturally adds up over the course of a year. Most manufacturers do not take this into consideration when purchasing a system because they are not aware of all their options. Fiber laser systems have no lamps to replace, so this cost is eliminated and since the mirrors do not have to be aligned or changed manufacturers save a significant amount on repair and maintenance fees.

Fiber laser technology and systems are definitely catching the attention of production managers and making an immediate impact in most industries. Laser Photonics carries the largest standard product line of fiber laser systems today. These systems are helping smart manufacturers increase the speed and quality of their production while lowering the overall expense of the process. If you have any questions on the many benefits of fiber laser systems and how they can save you money please contact one of our representatives today at 888-418-2613. Or visit our website laserphotonics.com for more applications and videos.

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Laser Photonics is the industry the leader in developing high-tech Fiber and CO₂ laser marking, cutting and engraving systems for a variety of industries, such as; aerospace, automotive, medical, solar and semiconductor to name a few. We exceed in manufacturing high quality, performance driven turnkey solutions for these and many other industries.