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Invention of the First Laser: May 16, 1960

On this day, May 16, 1960, the first working laser was demonstrated by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories.
48 years later, lasers are used in hundreds of different applications worldwide. Lasers have redefined the way manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, defense and the medical industry build and design their products. Lasers have increased industry production and cut manufacturing costs.

Happy Birthday lasers!

Today, Laser Photonics has been at the forefront of the new fiber laser revolution and has taken strides in fulfilling industry needs while maintaining manufacturing standards. Lasers and Laser Photonics has brought about revolutionary change in glass marking, UID marking, thin film cutting, aluminum cutting, silicon wafer dicing, leather cutting, textile cutting, solar panel cutting and marking, glass scribing and breaking, rounded parts marking, etching and engraving, stainless steel marking, backlit buttons, abs plastic marking, wood cutting, ceramic marking, part traceability, microchip processing, 3d imaging in acrylics, medical device marking, semiconductor marking, UID etching, light etching, and ITO coating removal.
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