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Rising Energy Costs Not A Problem for Smart Manufacturers


As the price of production increases, manufacturers are looking for any way to keep their costs down.  Since the price of materials, shipping costs, payroll expenses, and the price of equipment and maintenance are steadily rising beyond their control, smart manufacturers are looking to save money by lowering energy costs. 

Laser Photonics in Lake Mary Florida has been helping manufacturers decrease power consumption with its fiber laser equipment product line.  These manufacturers are replacing and upgrading their current laser cutting and marking systems to this new technology.  When compared to a traditional nd:YAG laser system running two eight hour shifts (365 days per year) a fiber laser system will save a manufacturer  over 3,500% in power consumption costs.  When compared to CO2 laser systems running for a complete year, these manufacturers will save over 1,400% in power consumption costs.  These savings alone are a major reason most companies are quickly switching from their previous production methods.  Lower power consumption not only helps a manufacturer’s bottom line but it also works directly with their efforts to becoming more eco-friendly.

Laser Photonics unique fiber laser equipment product line is being integrated into production lines in almost every industry, with over 500 new fiber laser systems installed in the United States alone.  Laser Photonics has recognized that fiber laser technology is the future of manufacturing and is proud to offer the largest selection of systems in the world.

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