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Process: Laser Marking
Material: Wood

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Zero-Friction Direct Drive Motion System© (ZFDDMS)
Unlike old-school agitating belts, pulleys rack & pinion and ball-screws drive systems, Fonon’s innovative zero-friction DDMS clearly demonstrates the industry highest accelerated processing speeds, razor-sharp laser placement repeatability along with the fastest traverse cutting rates across the entire working surface. 

Adaptive Thin-to-Thick Beam Shaping
The Fonon laser auto focuses while in operation, adapting its focal point dynamically to account for changes in the thickness of the material being processed.

LiteBridge Technology©
With Fonon’s next-generation LiteBridge machinery, positioningspeeds are 4 times faster with “Never-Miss” precision placement automation unmatched in the industry. 

True Orthogonal Mechanization (TOM)
Carefully designed to eliminate system seizers and material misalignment with “Never-Fail” material anti-jamming technology. 

Advanced Fiber Optic Delivery System©
Eliminates additional external mirrors that radically degrades the laser beams quality and focal point with a progressive fiber optics delivery system that ensures maximum beam control to the fiber cutting laser with the smallest beam spot providing cutting speeds up to 5 times faster than other lasers. 

CleanCut / BurnFree© Technology
Combined with a Laser Synchronized Output, eliminates laser burns around corners confirming a perfect cut and highest quality edges in the industry. 

Simple Beam Delivery—The Titan Series uses fiber optic beam delivery, a state-of-the-art technology ensuring the most consistent beam path.

Conventional laser cutting methods are complicated, using articulated arms and CNC beam length compensation and requiring constant aligning of the optics. This results in different cutting qualities in different areas of the work table. Laser Photonics’ fiber optic beam delivery contains no moving parts in the beam path, guaranteeing consistent cutting conditions over the entire work area.

TurboPiercing© Technology
Guarantees the industry’s fastest piercing speeds while eliminating unnecessary crates in the material.

PlasmaShield© Technology
Combats plasma generation while transitioning from straight line cuts to corners regulating the acceleration speed while maintaining superior quality and production throughput. 

Native G-Code CNC Programming
Leading-edge PC based CNC closed loop motion control unit designed for native G-code programming. 

One-button Gantry Recalibration
Users can recalibrate the gantry instantly, ensuring the material is always in alignment, free of seizures and unplanned machine failures.

Sealed Feedback Sensor, Integrated laser Source and Heat Exchange
Built to perform flawlessly in harsh industrial environments, the Titan design includes a reduced floor space footprint and lower overall power consumption.

Standard Control Terminal
The system is operated from a PC control unit with a 17” display, equipped with 5 USB connections, 1 RJ45 network connector, and an industry-standard FireWire (IEEE-1394) connector.

Class 1 Enclosure
The surrounding enclosure of the laser cutting area that filters the fiber laser generated wave length and offers protection to operators and personnel in the area not wearing protective goggles and clothing from the reflected laser light during laser processing.

Laser Cutting Head
The Titan Series is designed standard with a high performance cutting head on a 3-axis system for high accuracy and throughput.

Optical Cartridge
The optical cartridge allows for fast replacement of focal lenses, minimizing service downtime and increasing productivity.  It is recommended that additional cartridges be obtained for reduced downtime during servicing.

Lowest Cost of Operation
The Titan Series consumes less than 5% of the power required by a CO2 laser system with the same output wattage.

Placement Accuracy
The Titan’s laser provides the highest possible accuracy and repeatability, resulting in the smallest possible penetration point and the finest edge control.

Users can increase their laser cutting power in increments of 1kW, 2kW, or 4kW, to 8kW.

Upgradeable in the Field
No need to remove the system from the production line.

Control System Software
Motion generation and synchronization are centralized at the PC. Motion execution is decentralized at the drives. This software operates on any standard desktop or industrial PC. Servo loops are closed on the drive.  The Titan Series utilizes the software for coupling the vision module with the motion system that coordinates the laser and all interaction between the software and the machine control hardware.

Titan Series Options:

Dual Shuttle shuttle system provides non-stop production to meet the high demands of real world manufacturing.



PendantPendant option allows for precision manual alignment over the entire working area.



Light Barriers

Light Barriers provide a failsafe protection while operating automatic beds in any production environment.

Fume Extractor Extractor option eliminates dust and debris from the cutting chamber. The fume extractor option can meet any standards, even clean room standards.


Robot Arm arm option is used for loading/unloading material, up to 1” thick.



Fiber Coupler

The fiber coupler is a safety option used to protect the fiber cable. The fiber coupler is used as a junction between the cutting head and the laser modules. If the fiber cable becomes damaged just uncouple the fiber at the junction and replace the fiber cable.

Technology Makes the Difference in Performance

The Titan Series high power laser cutting system is designed to consistently meet the high demands of the metal processing industry. Titan combines the latest developments in fiber laser cutting machinery technology, motion system technology and PC based CNC controls. It is the most advanced, industrial grade, fiber laser cutting machine on the market.

  • Equipped with the latest in high power fiber laser technology
  • Fiber optic beam delivery system
  • Most advanced PC based CNC control with touch-screen user interface and complete network capabilities

The Titan Series laser cutting machines standard design was developed to ensure the most accurate laser metal cutting cutting capabilities, while maintaining the industry’s most energy efficient footprint. The Titan Series cutting system was engineered with a user-friendly CNC control interface to ease transition from existing CO2 systems and for manufacturing plants first introducing fiber laser cutting systems into their processes.

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