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Application #717
Process: 3D Engraving
Material: Acrylic

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Quality Statement

Laser Photonics' goal is to produce the most reliable equipment in the industry which does not require any maintenance or field repair.
  • Most of our systems are "plug and play" and do not require on-site installation. 
  • All components on our laser systems are hard swappable and can be easily replaced by the end user. 
  • No laser background necessary for equipment operation
  • No laser alignment required, no cleaning or aligning of mirrors and/or beam path
  • No maintenance
  • Air cooled; No chiller required
  • No filters (chillers) 
  • No consumables
  • Extended warranty program lets our customers concentrate on their business and not on the system maintenance

However, even though our equipment does not require maintenance or repair training, Laser Photonics offers extensive customer support to ensure the best system performance:

  • Factory and on-site operator training
  • Advanced training and graphic workshop
  • Optimal system configuration for new and demanding applications
  • Advanced application support
  • Advanced replacement program
  • 24/7 support of our OEM system integrators
  • Remote Diagnostics Capability
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