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Application #674
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Stainless Steel

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Fiber Scan C3

The FiberScan C3 is Laser Photonics new software solution for all laser marking products. This all inclusive software provides a low level integrated driver combined with worldwide support and unmatched quality precision.

Main Features/Benefits

  • Fully Integrated GUI
  • All inclusive software package for bar-coding, UID marking, vector graphics, etc.
  • Capable of rotation marking
  • Customizable interlock messages
  • Less complicated and more precise to use than comparable software on the market
  • Embedded Solution for reliability, ease of operation and functionality
  • Text Based File Format

Integrated Driver

  • Remote control interface via RS232, Ethernet, and profibus
  • Serial Port Control of other devices
  • Optoisolated-IO control interface
  • Programming interface controls all functions
  • Multi-lingual and worldwide support offered
  • Motion Control
  • Motor support: X, Y, Z, & R axis
  • Mark on the Fly


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