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Tax Cuts and opportunity to upgrade to a titan express fiber laser cutting machine

Industry Update: Tax Cuts and Fiber Lasers
Your Opportunity is Here!


Opportunity is knocking! The passage of the tax bill in December has created a once in a generation opportunity that has manufacturers across all industries looking to modernize and expand their capabilities. Companies are upgrading from CO2 laser, waterjet and CNC machining to the more versatile, efficient and innovative fiber laser. The new Titan Express fiber laser cutting machine offers the innovation you need in a size and budget that fits your business. Don’t miss your opportunity to compete.

Laser Photonics’ Titan Express features a small footprint on the factory floor, high tech innovation and value to fit your budget. Titan Express has the lightest weight design and the fastest, most accurate cutting on the market.

Are you finally ready to upgrade equipment to increase production and efficiency? Now is the time and the all new Titan Express is the laser cutting equipment you need. Click or Call our laser consultants today and see what laser solution best fits your unique manufacturing needs. 407-477-5619 or Toll Free 844-44LASER

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Titan Express fiber laser cutting equipment
Titan Express fiber laser cutting equipment Titan Express laser cutting machine



Advanced Titan Express Technology Benefits

  • Saves money—the Titan Express consumes less than 3% of the power required by conventional C02 laser systems
  • Cuts highly-reflective metal
  • Direct Drive Motion System—the cutting head moves with the highest possible acceleration and smoothness, reducing stress and vibration on the carriage frame and lowering maintenance requirements.
  • Integrated laser and cooling system, only requiring a single connection point for electricity, air, and factory water
  • Adaptive thick-to-thin beam shaping adjusts dynamically to metal thickness
  • Large-format, up to 4’ x 4’
  • Maintenance-free, requires no consumables
  • Industrial-grade reliability: 100,000 hours MTBF
  • Reduced installation costs, no need to pour concrete
  • Software-controlled orthogonality, calibrated to the user’s specifications

Adaptive thick-to-thin beam shaping adjusts dynamically to metal thickness


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