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Application #290
Process: Paint Removal
Material: Backlit Button

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Wood Engraving

Laser systems help wood markers and engravers speed up production while becoming more accurate. Most wood workers in the industry use CO2 laser systems which provide them with the best solution for marking and engraving their products. These lasers have replaced such conventional methods as branding or burning the wood. As laser technology expands many companies in the wood marking and etching industry are realizing the overall cost and time saving these systems provide. Most of these companies use lower power lasers ranging from 10Watts to 100Watts depending on the speed and accuracy required by the specific applications.


  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Plaques
  • Signs
  • Trophies
  • Handles
  • Garden Tools
  • Sports Equipment
  • Kitchen Tools

Laser Photonics CO2 Laser Systems Used For Wood Marking and Engraving:

Laser Cutting Machine CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

The SBM 1200M laser cutting and laser engraving machine comes equipped with CO2 laser combining flying optics with a precision Direct Drive motion system. CO2 laser equipped system provides highly accurate cutting, welding, engraving and marking capabilities for multiple materials.


CO2 Laser MarkingCO2 Laser - OEM Marking Kit

The Fantom SP laser Marking Kit is the most advanced and fastest Wave Guide CO2 laser marking system available today for integration into production lines, marking, perforating and pharmaceutical equipment.

The F30SP is air cooled, completely sealed, and maintenance free OEM product with PC based DSP controller, mounting hardware, and robust marking software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Application Listing

Application #369
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Wood

Application #665
Process: Laser Etching
Material: Wood

Application #666
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Wood

Application #667
Process: Laser Cutting
Material: Wood

Application #668
Process: Laser Marking
Material: Wood

Application #671
Process: Laser Engraving
Material: Wood


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