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Medical Device Marking

Regulations in the medical field opened the door for new applications, where the laser technology has reached the level that makes it ideal for the medical device industry in many ways. Wavelength, output power level and beam quality can be adapted for cutting, welding, structuring or marking of a wide range of materials, while minimal burrs, narrow and parallel kerfs, perfect surfaces, minimal thermal damages and HAZ, edge hardening and tapering, perfect markings and bar-coding, are just few of the strict requirements demanded by the medical manufacturers of instruments, implants and equipment used in the medical industry.


The performance of our equipment for cutting and marking of medical devices is greatly enhanced with implementation of Fiber Laser Marking and Cutting technologies in the new and mostly advanced family of Fiber laser Material Processing systems.

The focus in quality and performance driving our products, allows us to penetrate the medical field and deploy consistency and perfection in our applications. 

Our Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving Equipment is safe, compact, and service-free, designed to meet individual marking needs with the ability to mark a wide variety of materials using many different techniques for UID (unique Identifier), Direct Parts Marking (DPM) of alphanumeric, logos, serial numbers, part numbers, lot and date codes, schematics, graphics, deep engraving and more.

The Fantom F-30 is a world class CO2 Laser Marking and Engraving System for OEM integration and stand alone operation on manufacturing and assembly lines. F-30 is dimensional the smallest CO2 laser marking system available on the market today. Wave guide resonator provides the smallest available physical dimensions and highest power/weight ratio. Up to 1000 characters per second writing speed brings F-30 to the level of the fastest marking systems in the industry.

Our Fiber Laser Cutting systems is a state of the art design combining the latest development in the motion engineering, PC based CNC controls, and Fiber Laser Material Processing Technologies. Our advanced cutting head design equipped with crash protection, auto focus, and high pressure, software selectable, assist gas (CO2 and N2 or Ar).

  • Medical Hardware like bone screws, braces, implants marking, traceability and bar-coding.
  • Surgical Tool marking and Identification 
  • DNA test cartridges bar-coding and traceability.
  • Microscope Slide and Cover Slip Manufacturing - ZWLCT™
  • Pill Perforation and Marking 

> Medical Industry Applications

Laser Marking Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Fiber Tower™ Series is the new generation of Fiber Laser Material Processing Systems for Direct Parts Marking, UID Marking (Unique Identifier), and Deep Engraving. It is the most advanced, compact, industrial grade, mid size, Fiber Laser Engraving Machine available on the market. Fiber Tower™ series employs the new generation of solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080nm) with a unique combination of high peak power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and highest electro-optical wall-plug efficiency

These laser machines possess a reliability that is unmatched by any other kind of solid state or gas laser systems. Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, ultra-low amplitude noise, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime complete an impressive list of advantages of these modern fiber laser systems.

Fiber Laser Marking Fiber Laser Marking Kit

The i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit was specifically designed for maintenance-free OEM applications.  It delivers a diffraction limited (M2<1.05) laser beam directly to the worksite via a metal sheathed single mode fiber cable.

These compact service-free lasers are designed to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions, with relatively high humidity and temperatures. They do not require routine replacement parts or materials. Wall-plug efficiencies up to 50% result in a compact size, reduced utilities, and trouble-free air cooling.

Fiber-to-fiber architecture means a robust, monolithic design with no optics to align or maintain, no mechanics to stabilize, and with the focusable power and high power densities needed for the most demanding applications. One cable connection makes it easy to integrate into any laser marking and engraving system.


CO2 Laser MarkingCO2 Laser - OEM Marking Kit

The Fantom SP laser Marking Kit is the most advanced and fastest Wave Guide CO2 laser marking system available today for integration into production lines, marking, perforating and pharmaceutical equipment.

The F30SP is air cooled, completely sealed, and maintenance free OEM product with PC based DSP controller, mounting hardware, and robust marking software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

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